Popping to the pub need not be a city experience!

Conveniently located on Main Road, is where you will find [[Pub Hotel]]. As you step inside, you are met with a warm friendly atmosphere that mirrors the service along with the most delicious fresh food.

Browsing their menu ignites your senses, taking on the sights and smells to create a well-rounded experience that can only be described as striking. All meals are prepared in-house from only high-quality Australian ingredients allowing patrons to stay closer to home, whilst enjoying the experience they might reserve for a city drive. So, what can we expect to see on the menu?
Only the best of the best pub classics – Chicken Schnitzel, Cheeseburgers, Beef Pot Pies and Loaded Fries - dispersed amongst some interesting dishes not usually seen on your usual bistro menu. Beer-battered Asparagus, Rustic Pork Rillette as well as Peach and Portobello Burgers are just some of the twists.